List of XOtel delegates at the future conferences

8 October

This year we are going to visit two other fairly large conferences - Capacity Europe and LAWC. We place big bets on both events. XOtel is already quite strong in Europe and Latin America is a very promising market where we plan to present ourselves as a powerful player.

The Wholesale World Congress in Madrid proved to be very effective and we plan to obtain similar results at the Latin America Wholesale Congress.

As far as Capacity Europe is concerned, we are ready to discuss our main activities - Voice and SMS - as well as new solutions for business and end-consumers. XOtel is not only a participant but also a sponsor at both conferences. You can find information about the company in conference marketing materials.

Please find the delegate list below. We are ready to schedule the meetings with you!


Capacity Europe, November 3-5 , Amsterdam. Booth #48

Oleksandr Lytvynenko, Chief Executive Officer

Dmitry Korotkih, Chief Operating Officer

Artem Fedorenko, Chief Commercial Officer

Aleksey Gavrilyuk, International Sales Manager

Iryna Chub, International Sales Manager

Vladimir Blokhin, International Sales Manager

Konstantin Fedorenko, International Sales Manager


Latin America Wholesale Congress, November 5-6, Buenos Aires. Booth #4

Sergeii Teslenko, Chief Business Development Officer

Stas Ostrovskyi, International Sales Manager

Evgeniy Kovalenko, International Sales Manager

Kseniya Gurova, International Sales Manager

By the end of the year we will provide the list of conferences we are planning to visit in 2015.