Connecting Continents

XOtel is an MVNO and alternative operator in Latvia. Within almost 10 years on the market the company has become a leader in its segment and now it still continues to grow rapidly. XOtel has three representative offices in Latvia, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

In 2011 the company joined the TOP 500 fastest growing companies and at the end of 2014 we took a strong position in the TOP 200 companies showing a stable and rapid growth.

The company deals in Wholesale and Premium voice and SMS traffic transit trading all over the world. The main focus was on Europe and Russia & the CIS, but since 2014 the company has started developing Middle East, Latam and Africa markets.

XOtel’s telecommunications equipment is located in the Equinix, NewTelco (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) and Lattelecom (Riga, Latvia) data centers that are considered to be the telecommunications and data transmission industry standards in Europe and worldwide. Due to it, XOtel is associated with major telecoms by fast and reliable direct connections, providing large volumes and good connection speed.

XOtel has gained a reputation of a stable and reliable partner through many years of successful cooperation with both major telecoms and mid-sized carriers. We always look for the most effective ways of interaction and provide services and solutions of the highest quality. The main services of the company are:

Voice transmission and text messaging solutions:

  • Premium voice trading
  • Wholesale voice trading
  • TDM and Voice interconnections
  • SMS traffic

Mobile technologies and telecommunication services:

  • MVNO "turnkey"
  • High-quality roaming
  • Network services
  • Secure messaging

XOtel's stability has been proven by D&B, COFACE and BaltRisk ratings. Our target is sustainable cooperation based on trust, quality and goals achievement. Our customer service is available 24/7 providing high-quality service all over the world. XOtel is confidently expanding its horizons by CONNECTING CONTINENTS.


XOtel team consists of more than 60 workers and together we work as one united by professionalism and determination. We set ambitious goals and can easily solve any complex problems. We aim at a successful and mutually beneficial cooperation. Everyone in our team is a highly - qualified expert. If you have any questions or suggestions - WRITE US. Or get in touch with the head of the corresponding department:


Oleksandr Lytvynenko

Chief Executive Officer

phone:+371 67 305 051

Dmytro Korotkykh

Chief Operating Officer

phone:+371 67 305 099


Artem Fedorenko

Chief Commercial Officer

phone:+371 67 305 007

Sergii Teslenko

Chief Business Development Officer

phone:+420 212 250 205

Marina Korotkykh

SMS Project Manager


Konstantin Fedorenko

Carrier Relations Manager

phone:+371 67 305 027

Iryna Chub

Carrier Relations Manager

phone:+371 67 305 024

Evgeniy Kovalenko

Carrier Relations Manager

phone:+371 67 305 028

Vladimir Blokhin

Carrier Relations Manager

phone:+371 67 305 002

Kseniya Gurova

Carrier Relations Manager

phone:+371 67 305 017

Stas Ostrovskyi

Carrier Relations Manager

phone:+371 67 305 009

Aleksey Gavrilyuk

Carrier Relations Manager

phone:+371 67 305 010

Lesia Fedorenko

Rate Manager

phone:+371 67 305 023

Stanislav Smolianyi

Carrier Relations Manager

phone:+371 67 305 004


Valentin Zaretsky

Chief Technical Officer

phone:+371 67 305 025

Elena Usenko

Head Of Technical Support

phone:+371 67 305 026

software development department

Andrey Babenko

Head of Software Development Department



Alena Kruglova

Chief Marketing Officer

phone:+371 67 305 037

Anastasiia Smoliana

Marketing Manager

phone:+371 67 305 039

Elena Maksimenko

SMM Manager



Svetlana Rogalskaya

Chief Financial Officer

phone:+371 67 305 029

Signe Santurova

Chief Accounting Officer

phone:+371 67 332 594