List of conferences to be visited in 2014

By:XOtel3 February

2013 was a year of efficient wоrk and rapid advances for XOtel. We have set bold and ambitious goals for 2014 without a moment's hesitation in our success. We are investing a lot of potential in the development of both our usual services and completely new solutions for and-users and businesses and are ready to offer them to  you in 2014. XOtel is planning to visit to a lot of conferences in 2014 and the list will be growing over the year. You can already schedule appointments with our representatives  at the following events :

Capacity Middle East, March 3-5, Dubai, UAE

Capacity Balkans, April 7-8, Bucharest, Romania

International Telecoms Week, May 11-14, Chicago, USA

WWC, September  3-4, Madrid, Spain

Capacity Eurasia, September 16-17, Istanbul, Turkey

Capacity Russia, October 6-7, Moscow, Russia

Capacity Africa, October 14-15, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Capacity Europe, November 3-5, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

LAWS, November 5-6, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We are always happy to work with you! We wish you continued success and prosperity!